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1925 Timeline

1925 Greece Crete has recently united with Greece. The currency of the Cretan state is still circulating. The exchange of populations is completed. Agricultural products are a mainstay of the economy of the island.

1925 Fimi "Lemonatzides", as the itinerant soft drink salesmen where called, saunter around the countryside and cities, selling ice-cold refreshments. Vassilis Zidianakis proceeds to the first hand bottling in porcelain bottle at the shoe workshop, in the basement of his father, in Agies Paraskies.

1930 Timeline

1930 Fimi Donkeys, tirelessly carrying the refreshments from village to village, making "FIMI" famous.

1930 Greece During the turbulent interwar period, Heraklion is a vibrant city with an intense social life.

1945-45 Timeline

1945-45 Greece World War II.
The Battle of Crete, the occupation and the heroic resistance of the Cretans.

1945-45 Fimi Through struggles and hardships, through extreme conditions, the company resists and survives. The German invaders' parachutes become loot and utilize to protect the fruit crates from the elements of nature.

1950 Timeline

1950 Fimi Hand-operated machines and pack animals remain the forefront of production and distribution.

1950 Greece Modernization and urbanization, changing the look of cities.

1960 Timeline

1960 Greece Let there be light!
Electricity reaches every village in Crete and radically changes people's lives.

1960 Fimi Vangelis Zidianakis laid the foundation stone of the factory by changing the scale of production.

1962 Timeline

1962 Fimi Vaggelis Zidianakis takes over, investing in the technology of the era and dramatically increases production.

1962 Greece The conjuction agreement of Greece and European Economic Community comes into force.

1970-84 Timeline

1970-84 Greece Regime changes, democratization. After the dark years of dictatorship, Greece is on a European route.

1970-84 Fimi The bottling is now in glass bottles with a crown cap. The quality and taste of the drink is unchanged.

1981 Timeline

1981 Fimi The company is rehoused in Agies Paraskies. There is a big investement in technological infrastructure and production equipment at the leading edge technology of the time. The range is enriched with new flavors of soft drinks.

1981 Greece The new 100-drachma bill comes into circulation (It features Korais, Athena and the monastery of Arkadi).

1990-2000 Timeline

1990-2000 Greece Private TV, mobile telephony and technological innovations are changing people's lives once again.

1990-2000 Fimi Further modernization of the facilities. Development of the distribution system and bottling the new pet bottle.

2000-2010 Timeline

2000-2010 Fimi "FIMI" becomes S.A. The baton passes to Vasilis Zidianakis. Inauguration of two modern production lines and the launch of new soft drinks flavors.

2000-2010 Greece Farewell to the drachma. The triumph of Portugal, Greece is the European champion. The olympic games in Athens.

2017-2018 Timeline

Fimi Launches 2 new glass bottles.

Fimi Launches 2 new glass bottles.

Today's Timeline